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Roadtripping to your favorite camping spot… what’s on your playlist?

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Junior Brown

Junior Brown doin’ his thang

Camping isn’t just about the destination, it’s also about the journey.  Yes, we ripped that wisdom off from somewhere else, but it applies so well we just couldn’t help ourselves.

We begin thinking about the journey when we’re packing our gear – tent and all.  What route will we take?  What will we see or do on the way?  What road food will we stop for?  What games can we play in the truck?

Music is always a big question.  We like to enhance the journey with music that gets us in the mood for being close to the land – roughing it, you know?  And with a family of all ages, we have to be strategic about it.  Will they be begging for something different within five minutes? The music has to be fun, the words have to be easy to understand and the sound has to be classic to satisfy the older and the younger man in the car who both have a real penchant for almost anything old.

That’s why we love classic country western music.  Our playlist always includes Johnny Cash, Junior Brown, Ray Price, Willie Nelson and Chris Ledoux.  Here’s our list of favorites… what classics are we missing?

A boy named is Sue

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Highway Patrol

My Wife Thinks You’re Dead

This Cowboy’s Hat

Georgia on My Mind

Cadillac Ranch

Heartaches by the Numbers

Mammas Don’t let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys

Raising Good Campers

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Teaching kids how to love camping

Teaching kids how to love camping is the gift that keeps on giving

We love the land in Wyoming.  I know, folks outside of the state think we just pump out as much energy as we can and leave a mess behind. This is such a fallacy.  In Wyoming, we honor the land for everything it offers.  We respect the circle of life and we take care of our natural resources and our neighbors.  In fact, we simultaneously honor and protect the natural habitat, wildlife and the beauty we see all around us while we carefully harness the energy we’re so lucky to have throughout the Cowboy State.

So, how can you raise your kids to be good Wyoming citizens and campers to boot?  Check out these camps put on by Wyoming Land Trust and Teton Science School.  My son is going to his first camp this summer and can’t wait.


The west wasn’t won in a flimsy nylon tent

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Canvas wall tents are the best

Canvas wall tents rule

Q: Why do you prefer canvas wall tents?

A: “The west wasn’t won in a flimsy nylon tent,” said the man.

Q:  So you’re saying canvas wall tents are better than flimsy nylon tents?

A: “Yes.  Canvas wall tents are more sturdy, reliable and comfortable than any nylon tent. Period.  Plus, why would i ever want to camp in a flimsy, uncomfortable squat nylon tent?  I like to enjoy myself and sleep comfortably when i camp.  Don’t you??”

Q: But nylon tents must be good for something, right?

A:  “Yes, they’re good for backyard camping for children…. But i’ll tell you what – if your kids want to grow up to be real campers, but ’em in a canvas wall tent or a range tee pee in the backyard.  They’ll never go back.”

Q: Ok.  So what can you do in a canvas tent that you can’t do in a nylon tent?

A: “Woah, fella.  You sure you want to go there?  Okay then…You can actually stand up in a canvas tent, you can fire up a stove for warmth and cook in a canvas tent, you can live in a canvas tent for weeks comfortably, you can camp in the summer, fall, winter or spring in a canvas tent, you can make camp for hunting or fishing in a canvas tent.  Hey, you ever tried to crouch down in a flimsy nylon tent and gut a fish?   How about play cards at a folding table with your buddies?  Hmmm???”

Need we go on?

Canvas tents rule for one million and one reasons.  If you agree, join us on our journey to spread the word to new age campers who just don’t get it yet.  But they will, after they read this.